'Lisa Frankenstein' is the Beating Heart of Horror Comedy

'Lisa Frankenstein' is the Beating Heart of Horror Comedy

In a cinematic landscape filled with predictable plots and tired tropes, Lisa Frankenstein stands out as a breath of fresh (though maybe a bit rancid) air. The feature directorial debut from Zelda Williams and penned by Diablo Cody (Jennifer’s Body), this film is a genre-bending delight that defies expectations and fearlessly embraces its quirky premise.

Picture this: a comedic horror flick that's part Tim Burton nostalgia trip (a la Edward Scissorhands), part heartwarming coming-of-rage tale, part unconventional rom-com, and all-around blast from the past.

At its core is the endearing Kathryn Newton, who brings the strange, awkward yet lovable Lisa to life with authenticity and charm. From the moment we meet her, struggling to fit in at her new school, we can't help but root for this misfit navigating the tumultuous waters of adolescence.

But what truly sets Lisa Frankenstein apart is its unlikely duo: Lisa finds her reanimated companion—played by a strangely charismatic Cole Sprouse—brought back to life in a freak accident, thrusting Lisa into a whirlwind of hilarity and chaos.

Cole Sprouse delivers a standout performance as the silent yet expressive zombie, infusing his character with humor and heart, whose masterful physical comedy steals the show without uttering a single word. 

cole sprouse and kathryn newton in lisa frankenstein

There's an undeniable chemistry between Newton and Sprouse that makes it impossible not to cheer them on, despite the chaos they leave in their wake.

Williams and Cody's film has the ability to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, never quite knowing what delightful—or horrifying—twist awaits around the corner. From start to finish, it's a weird and wacky blast.

kathryn newton and cole sprouse in the tanning bed in lisa frankenstein

Lisa Frankenstein is a delightful blend of comedy and horror that delivers on its promises. With its stellar cast, nostalgic atmosphere, and boundless creativity, it's a film that leaves an indelible impression, reminding viewers of the magic found in embracing the unconventional.